A-COLD-WALL Patch-detail shell cargo trousers 343-3004148-ACWMF19TNR03 NPWQKZD

We just want to take a moment to note some of the benefits that have accrued to fashionist

$55.02 $155.92

BARENA VENEZIA Trabaco cropped mid-rise tapered corduroy trousers 427-3004963-PAU24822454

A slew of Italian labels are relaxing the traditional tropes of men’s tailoring; like Ba

$47.38 $127.98

CORNELIANI Tapered stretch-cotton trousers 418-1000131-9820198844EV4 MNCXIVV

Refined Italian craftsmanship is at the heart of Corneliani. The label is devoted to quali

$51.17 $130.97

CP COMPANY Cargo straight-leg stretch-cotton trousers 1128-84008180-MPA181A005529G UIMPGWG

Play a word association game with any men's casualwear (or football) fans, and the first t

$47.93 $140.83

EYTYS Benz graphic-print relaxed-fit woven trousers 343-3006869-BEPOC EFQUROH

We like to think looking at the print covering the Benz trousers by Eytys is like taking a

$49.84 $144.00

FACETASM Lion-print straight cotton-fleece trousers 343-3006796-PIPPAPTM21 DJFNPJS

Fusing his signature layered sportswear shapes with a palette of rainbow hues, mystical pr

$51.42 $143.87

FEAR OF GOD Button-embellished regular-fit tapered denim trousers 343-3004359-6S194007CNV

Jerry Lorenzo likes to put his own spin on American classics at Fear of God, often reinter

$49.81 $147.97

FINGERCROXX Camouflage tapered-leg stretch-cotton trousers 1128-3003349-FFXPTM60406XC ZOCZ

If you fancy yourself as a naval fighter then you’ll want to check out Hong Kong-based l

$49.07 $136.91

FUSALP Franz straight shell trousers 1128-3006825-T2404 VVNELZX

Looking for a pair to keep you slipping and sliding with ease and in comfort down those sl

$54.44 $129.81

LANVIN Regular-fit wide wool trousers 424-2000896-RMTR0010A19 GJFIUJH

With skinnier silhouettes slowly giving way to more relaxed styles, we say it’s time to

$51.08 $137.80

MARNI Straight high-rise twill trousers 423-2000120-PUMU0038A0S49734 MGMAIND

When we think of Marni, we normally picture bright pattern, but the Italian house knows ho

$45.07 $154.82

NICOMEDE NICOMEDE.UNIFORM straight moiré cargo trousers 423-3006804-NICOTRS001 EQVRBBP

After the success of Nicomede Talavera’s Central Saint Martins graduate show, the design

$54.23 $148.92

NIKE Camo-print shell dungarees 1128-3006081-CI0417010 VHJANZA

The catch of the day? This pair of dungarees from Nike ACG (that’s All Conditions Gear),

$51.21 $128.93

OSCAR JACOBSON Dean tapered slim-fit wool trousers 1144-3006020-5343707 XUCJALM

Smart wool trousers are something every sartorially minded gent needs in the drawer, and c

$54.09 $125.87

PACSUN Relaxed-fit cotton cargo trousers 1128-3006366-133HO184041PC CYBLKCY

Baggy is the new skinny when it comes to trousers, making this pair by PacSun bang on tren

$51.51 $144.84

PAL ZILERI Slim-fit tapered stretch-wool trousers 1166-3006794-Q31NS412C3012 EQQLLYK

Looking for the perfect pair of trousers to see you through those events that are on the h

$45.69 $131.84

POLO RALPH LAUREN Slim-fit cotton-blend straight-leg trousers 434-88064526-710740566001 XZ

We all know that the polo shirt is a Polo Ralph Lauren signature (duh), but what to wear w

$45.79 $137.84

POLO RALPH LAUREN Slim-fit tapered cotton-blend twill trousers 434-88064526-710644990033 H

We all know that the polo shirt is a Polo Ralph Lauren signature (duh), but what to wear w

$46.62 $140.99

PREVU Salvatore tapered woven trousers 1128-3006360-PRAF108 YUYILJK

Jake Hall started out with a second-hand sewing machine and a friend to help his dreams be

$51.29 $139.90

RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL Regular-fit straight velvet trousers 443-88064526-798780321002 H

Luxury tailoring inspired by Savile Row is exactly what we expect from Ralph Lauren Purple

$45.96 $145.85

SANDRO Checked cropped slim-fit straight trousers 74-10081-SHPPA00247 RNKZITB

Once confined to office hours, smart trousers have since been released from their desk-bou

$45.25 $150.94

SANDRO Pinstriped tapered stretch-wool trousers 74-10081-SHPPA00216 CTVNQWF

There’s a lot of debate around the origins of the humble pinstripe. Some say it all star

$51.73 $154.94

SANDRO Slim-fit straight wool trousers 74-10081-SHPPA00270 JKNJAES

Sometimes all your day warrants is quality clean-cut tailoring, prepped for busy, meeting-

$50.22 $146.91

SANDRO Straight slim-fit stretch-cotton trousers 74-10081-SHPPA00276 KMYPTZT

It might be getting chillier by the day (where did summer go?), but don’t take that as y

$55.27 $155.86

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